Did You Know That Coca-Cola Also Owned These Companies?

Published on 12/08/2021

Coca-Cola is a household name, a brand and a firm family favorite. It is such a unique taste, that anything similar to it will automatically be called cola flavored. They have become memorable for their flashy red brand, signature style logo and prominence globally. Sure they have competitors who are similar in taste, like Pepsi, but it’s no competition. Coca-Cola is iconic and will win any battle for the most common, or famous, fizzy drink. What you might be surprised to know is that Coca-Cola company also own 27 other types of beverage brands. Right? Crazy! Some of them are actually big names in themselves, and you might even be surprised (or shocked) to find out that some of your favorite drinks are actually owned by Coca-Cola! Look below and see if any of your favorites made the list.

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Shutterstock 192147539



Sprite! A very popular drink and possibly even the go-to lemonade drink! It was originally developed in West Germany in 1959 and was originally owned by Fanta, sold as ‘Clear Lemon Fanta’. Eventually it was rebranded and brought to the States under a new name of ‘Sprite’. This lemon-lime taste is a classic and has an extremely recognizable logo that is globally-known.


This one may shock you, but Fanta is actually owned by the Coca-Cola company! Whether it’s Fanta Orange, Lemon, Fruit twist; they are all owned by Coca-Cola! It’s surprising because you might have assumed that Fanta and Coke was somewhat or a battle itself. As kids we sure know that we used to alternate between the two. These drinks are bright colored, fruity and carbonated. According to Coca-Cola’s website, it was initially introduced in the 1940s and is the second oldest of Coca-Cola products. Nowadays there are many different flavors of Fanta, including Strawberry, Grape and even Pineapple. There is certainly a Fanta drink for you out there.

Dasani Purified Water

Dasani was introduced in 1999 and has since become a top-selling brand of water in the U.S. Dasani provides a smooth taste and is right up there with its competitors. Who knew that Coca-Cola did water too? They are more than just a fizzy drinks company it would seem!


It’s crazy right? Who knew that Coca-Cola did owned so many different brands of water? This one is actually trickier to distinguish. The bottle lists Glacéau above the ‘smartwater’ logo, so you would naturally assume that this is the brand that owns smartwater. However, Glacéau is actually a subsidiary company of Coca-Cola! Not only is smartwater a great tasting water, but it is also vapor-distilled and includes added electrolytes.

Innocent (Smoothies)

Innocent have become a classic go-to smoothie drink which you will see in many supermarkets and coffee shops. They are great in tasting and come in a variety of different flavors. Innocent drinks claim to combine what is great for your body, with a fantastic taste. Not just a smoothie-maker, they also produce coconut water, juice and kids drinks.

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee was first introduced more than 45 years ago by two brothers and has long been the UK’s favorite coffee shop. Nowadays it can be seen all over the world and is seen as one of the major competitors for Starbucks. Costa has a unique tasting coffee and also serves sandwiches, snacks and teas. Costa was formally acquired by the Coca-Cola company in 2019 in a $4.9 bullion takeover following approval from regulatory authorities in both the E.U. and China.

Fuze Tea

Fuze Tea is owned by Coca-Cola! Wow. When we look at all these brands you really wouldn’t think that one company was the owner of all of them. Does Coca-Cola own essentially every drink out there? Fuze Tea is a classic ice-tea drink and probably a go-to for your ice-tea drink needs. Fuze Tea blends juice and tea extracts to create a unique taste.


Schweppes is an interesting one, because it is owned by different companies depending on the location. For example, in the UK, China, Bulgaria, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Serbia, South America, South Africa, Ukraine, Egypt, Romania and Vietnam; The Coca-Cola company is the main distributor. However, in North America, Japan and the Philippines, Keurig Dr Pepper is the main distributor. Schweppes is one of the older companies in Coca-Cola’s portfolio, having begun in 1783. It was founded by Jacob Schweppe and is often referred to as the first original soft drink.