How To Become A Better Person

Published on 02/24/2022

Want to become a better person. Here are 9 simple things you can do to become a better person.

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How To Become A Better Person

Be True To Yourself

In order to become a better person, one must always be true to oneself. Own and embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly. In order to improve as a person, one must first be truly aware of who one is and who one is not

Just Ask

Ask the people around you what they know about you, or ask your friends and family what they think of you. When we talk to people, we sometimes gain new perspectives or learn something new. Hearing what people think of you or how they go about their lives can shed a lot of light on your thoughts and actions.

Help Someone That You Don’t Like

It’s easy to help someone you like, but it’s much harder to help someone you don’t like. But your actions should be a reflection of you, regardless of who is asking for help. If you keep bringing forth good in this world, it will come back to you tenfold in unexpected ways.

Be Generous With Compliments

We are not saying that you should compliment people on superficial things, but compliment someone more for who they are or what they do. Many people want to feel valued, and this small gift makes a difference in their lives.

Break Up With Your Ego

The ego keeps us from being truly kind and compassionate. It is our ego telling us that we should get angry, that we shouldn’t talk to someone or forgive someone. But when you put your ego aside, you start seeing things differently. You become less angry and suddenly notice positive changes in your life.

Create Something

It is priceless when you create something that other people can benefit from. Whether it’s a craft or a business, a blog or a book, a special meal or an entire restaurant. Keep thinking about how you can add value to your community.

Smile At Strangers

It’s hard to be friendly when you’re in a hurry or being squeezed on the subway. But a little smile is enough. Smiling at strangers, especially in the morning, brightens everyone’s day.

Surprise Someone

Surprise your friends, your partner or your children. No matter how old we are, we all love surprises – good ones, of course. And it doesn’t have to be a big gesture, sometimes a simple message, a card or a letter is enough. Be creative!

Don’t Judge!

Last but not least, the worst trait that humans have is judgment. Unfortunately, it can lead to making assumptions about people that aren’t real. If you point your finger at someone, you have four more pointing at you. If you hear gossip, see someone who is ugly, or step into something that wasn’t meant for your eyes or ears, try to judge yourself. Every story always has two sides. Suppose you know that the whole story or motivation of another person can do a lot of harm. Stay out of things that have nothing to do with you, and try not to judge what others are doing. You never know how you would react or behave until a situation is presented to you. So, don’t assume that you are better than others.