How To Be Less Tired During Your Day

Published on 02/07/2022

You did not sleep enough? Did your children wake you up at night because they were afraid of a thunderstorm? Did the exciting Sunday evening crime thriller keep you in front of the TV for too long so that the alarm clock actually rings way too early? Or maybe you were just too long celebrating your best friend’s birthday? No matter why, you have one of those tough “zombie working days” where the leaden fatigue turns even routine tasks into a challenge – we now have a few practical tips for you on how to get through the day without falling asleep.

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How To Be Less Tired During Your Day

Get Out Of Bed Quick And Painless

When the alarm clock rings in the morning after far too little sleep, it is tempting to use the snooze function first. Five or ten minutes more sleep – nothing sounds more heavenly to you right now. And if you’re finally reasonably awake after the third or fourth ring of the alarm clock, you’re still lying in bed with your eyes open, staring at the ceiling and bathing in self-pity for how incredibly tired you are today and what a long day lies ahead of you. It goes without saying that the motivation to get up is reduced to a minimum. So treat getting up like a band-aid: quick and painless. The alarm clock rings, you swing out of bed and before you even realize how tired you actually are, you’re practically already under the (preferably cold) shower. A handy trick for this is to simply place your (mobile) alarm clock out of reach of the bed, so you have to get up in the morning to stop the annoying beeping.

Coffee And Love

Even if you are one of those people who usually don’t drink coffee, maybe you should make an exception today. On particularly tired “zombie working days” you can confidently reach for another cup of coffee after two to three hours. It is best to calculate the times in such a way that you exactly catch the “1.5-hour high” for any upcoming important appointments.

Exercise And Fresh Air

The fresh air and physical exercise will put an end to your tiredness. At least for an hour or two… What does that mean for us? Leave your car in the garage today and grab the bike or just walk to work instead of driving

Light Snacks Instead Of Heavy Meals

Your biggest enemy on a tired day is of course the well-known midday slump. If your energy level already feels like plus-minus zero, how much lower can it sink? So that you don’t get stuck doing anything after the lunch break, you should do without a hearty lunch in the canteen today and instead content yourself with light meals and small snacks in between. It is also advisable to eat just enough to calm your growling stomach, but not completely saturate you. After all, being full means being tired – and you already have enough of that in your luggage today.