You Need To Wear Sunscreen Every Single Day – Here’s Why

Published on 10/22/2020
You Need To Wear Sunscreen Every Single Day Here's Why

You Need To Wear Sunscreen Every Single Day Here’s Why

One product that should absolutely be in everyone’s skincare routine all year round is, of course, sunscreen. Lots of people are still under the impression that the only time sunscreen is needed on days out in the sun. However, that is incorrect. Everyone needs to be wearing sunscreen all year round! No matter the weather, rain, or shine, you should be using sunscreen on a daily basis as part of your skincare routine. We’re going to explain why that is.

Sunscreen Protects The Skin From UV Rays

Whatever your plans are for the day, whether you’re staying inside or going out, sunscreen is a must. Even if it’s overcast and cloudy. The reason for that is that sunscreen protects the skin from damaging UV rays. Those are rays that come from the sun and cause some serious damage to our skin over time. Prolonged exposure to UV rays leads to increased aging, wrinkles, sunburns, and, of course, skin cancer. About cloudy days: even if it isn’t sunny outside, about 80% of UV rays still make it through the clouds! Not to mention, even if you’re inside, UV rays get through windows, so don’t get comfortable without applying sunscreen first!

Sunscreen Helps Maintain An Even Skin Tone

By preventing sun damage and the like, sunscreen helps prevent discoloration and dark spots that result from sun damage. Naturally, this leads to an overall smoother and more even skin tone. Additionally, sunburns aren’t as innocent as they may seem. As a matter of fact, some might think that the damaging effects of a sunburn fade as soon as the redness does, but that isn’t true. The UV rays actually penetrate the skin all the way down to its deep layers, where cells can be damaged or even killed.

Sunscreen Prevent Premature Aging

As we’ve mentioned, UV rays are a no-no for the skin. The damage they cause to the skin is called photoaging, meaning that the skin can become leathery and thick looking over time. Aside from that, sun damage breaks down the collagen in the skin, which contributes to lines, sagging, and wrinkles. Studies have shown that people below age 55 who apply sunscreen regularly have a 24% less chance of developing these signs of aging than those who don’t use sunscreen.

Sunscreen Lowers Your Risk Of Getting Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S. By applying sunscreen every day, you’ll be cutting your chances of getting any form of skin cancer in half! It’s a huge difference and can be life-saving.

Sunscreen Helps Keep Your Skin Healthy Overall

According to dermatologists, the skin is overall healthier when sunscreen is used on a daily basis. When sunscreen is used, essential proteins in the skin such as keratin are protected. These proteins are primarily responsible for keeping the skin smooth and healthy in both appearance and function.

Pale People Are At A Higher Risk

It turns out that redheads are at a higher risk of contracting skin cancer. It’s been thought that this is true thanks to their pale skin, but that isn’t exactly accurate. In 2013, studies have found the MC1R gene mutation that creates red hair and fair skin in the first place. This mutation also created a cancer-causing pathway, which, when exposed to UV radiation, promotes a genetic tendency to develop cancer.