Expert Tips To Keep Your Hair Looking Healthy & Fabulous

Published on 09/27/2020

No matter the style, color, texture, or length, everyone always wants great looking hair. However, bad hair days and challenges are far more common then we know about. Whether its dryness, out of control frizz, thinning hair, or simply dull looking hair – we’ve all been experienced at least one of them. And we all know just how frustrating it can get when you’ve tried nearly everything but nothing seems to help. Scroll through these amazing, professional hair care tips that will leave your luscious locks looking better than ever.

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Expert Tips To Keep Your Hair Looking Healthy & Fabulous

Eat A Balanced Diet

We’ve heard it so many times, “You are what you eat”. Whether we like to believe it or not, this saying is so true, especially when it comes to keeping our hair looking so stunning. In order to sustain your strong healthy hair, getting the right nutrients is so crucial. So try include as many of these protein-rich foods into your diet, if they aren’t already there. These foods are meat, fish, eggs, and beans.

Make Regular Appointments For A Trim

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that the more often you trim your hair the faster it will grow. Regular trims and haircut help keep your locks healthier, with less split ends and breakage. It’s highly recommended to try to go at least every 2-3 months for a good trim. Trust us -you’ll thank us later. And for those who have shorter hair, you may want to make those appointments more regularly.

Brush Your Hair Before You Shower

It doesn’t matter the texture or length of your hair, it’s always best to brush your hair really well before you hop in the shower. Detangling your strands before you get them wet will help keep them stronger for longer. This is because when your hair is wet, it becomes more susceptible to breakage. This also means, do not brush your hair when it is wet, especially if it is full of knots and tangles. Another benefit of combing your hair while dry is that you are spreading all the natural oils from your scalp down to the ends of your hair.

Be Sure To Condition Correctly

Unless you are Rapunzel, just a small drop of conditioner into your palm will go a long way. Strange as it may seem but this amount of conditioner is the perfect amount for most lengths and textures- of course, there is always an exception.  Make sure that your hair is already wet with at least one wash of shampoo. Then spread the conditioner evenly, concentration mostly on the ends of your hair. Unless you have very oily hair, be sure to also run some of the conditioners into your scalp.  Then make sure to leave it on for approximately 1-2 full minutes before washing it all out -thoroughly. For maximum results be sure to do this each time you wash your hair!