Most Popular Foods In The World

Published on 06/29/2020

With all that is on offer, we started to wonder what is actually the most popular food, universally. We live in a world where new foods are being invented daily, new flavors combined and old dishes renewed. But what are the foods that manage to sweep the globe and are simply adored by all? Well, the answers are not shocking but simply delicious…we hope you’re not hungry- you’ll be drooling after this list.

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Most Popular Foods In The World


The invention of pizza dates back two ways, to the Middle east if you believe that it is an oven-baked flatbread but if you believe in the dough topped with tomato paste and toppings- then it originated from the Roman and Greeks. The Greeks and Romans baked flatbreads and topped them with olive oil and other spices that originated locally. Regardless pizza is the first loved food and we can believe it.


Japan’s most famous cuisine and loved across the world, sushi. There are tons of types, rolls, and methods used in the cuisine. The incorporation of seaweed, fresh fish, and rice can be simple and delicious or nowadays elevated to the next level with additional flavors and textures- either way, it is loved and divine.


Ramen made its first appearance in 1910, but it was made by Chinese cooks who thought to combine a salty broth with cooked noodles. The noodles were a different color and more elastic-like than your typical Japanese noodles. Today Ramen is widely popular with Ramen Bars and unlimited types and combinations available.


The national cuisine of Mexico which can be traced all the way back to the 18th century. The word taco used to refer to gunpowder which was folded into paper and pushed into rocks. These “tacos” were used to excavate ore from mines. Today it is typical Mexican street food.