Weird Traditions Around The World

Published on 07/14/2021

Traditions are something wonderful. They are part of a culture and are passed from one generation to the other. But while some traditions around the world are very common and shared by many countries, cultures and people, some traditions are, as we would call it, unique. Continue reading, and find out more about the weirdest traditions around the world.

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Weird Traditions Around The World


Thaipasum is a very important and famous tradition, which is celebrated in South East Asia and India. During the Thaipasum festival, the people are celebrating the victory of Murugan against an evil spirit. To honor that, the people have to pierce themselves with sharp objects all over their body.Through this tradition, they show Murugan respect. You won’t believe what how many sharp objects people can put into their body!

Satere Mawe Tribe

The Satere Mawe tribe is an Amazone tribe. One of their traditions, include the bullet ant, one of the most dangerous animals around the world. The ant might be small, but one bite of her feels like a gun’s bullet going through your body, hence also the animal’s name. Once the boys of the tribe reached a certain age and become a man, they have to go through a ritual, where they sew bullet ants into mitts. Once the mitt are ready, they have to dance with the mitts, which are full of bullet ants, for around 10 minutes and endure the horrible pay. If they endure the pain, it shows that they are ready to be a man. During their life, the Amazon tribe members have to go through this painful ritual several times.

Toddler Tossing

In places like Maharasta or Karnataka in India, people are having a very interesting tradition for hundred of years already. People in these parts of India, are tossing their babies from the roof of their temples and catch them with huge blankets. This was supposed to bring the child luck and wisdom. Besides having this tradition for hundreds of years already, it was banned in 2011, due to the traumatic after effects the child experiences through this tradition.

Gerewol Festival

The Gerewol festival of the Wodaab tribe, is a very special form of a beauty pageant. During this pageant, all of the tribe’s man have to dress up in their traditional clothing and present themselves in front of the women, to show them what they have to offer. While most of the world only knows beauty pageants, in which women show off their beauty, the Wadaab tripe is ahead of its time.

Night Hunting

Another very often discussed tradition is the ‘night hunting’ in Bhutan. The night hunt, happens in some parts of the Himalayan kingdom and is one of the more controversial traditions around the world. During the ‘night hunt’ men of the area are breaking into women’s rooms, which are eligible to be their future wife. They are supposed to spend the night there, if they are caught however, they either have to marry the women or work for their father as a punishment.